After much experimenting, I have finally succeeded in getting Mozilla Firefox (the final release of Mozilla Firefox 2.0) to install on my Windows 95 system. As you may know, Firefox 2.0 is only officially supported under the legacy systems Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98, but because Windows 95 and Windows 98 are so similar I knew there must be a way to hack Windows 95 to run it. This way you can use Firefox without using the bloated interface of Windows 98.

I am sure there is a way to hack Firefox 3.0 as well, as with KernelEX
you can run Firefox 3.0 on Windows 98. But I am not here yet. I just
finished figuring out how to get 2.0 to run on Windows 95!

Here's how I did it. Follow the procedure below exactly as I have laid
out in steps.

ALL of the below files are mandatory for this to work!

1) Download and install Download details: Platform SDK Comctl32
Redistributables 5.80.2614.3600 (x86)
(direct link) (50comupd.exe)
(September 14, 1999)
--> Select NO when it prompts to restart your computer.

2) Download and install Download details: Platform SDK Redistributable:
DCOM95 Redistributables
(direct link) (DC95Inst.exe) (June 1, 2001)
--> Select NO when it prompts to restart your computer.

3) Download and install Microsoft Libraries Update (speu.exe) (1999)

4) Download and install Windows Sockets 2.0 for Windows 95 (direct link)
(ws2setup.exe) (April 13, 1998)
--> Select YES when it prompts to restart your computer.

5) Upon rebooting, modify your registry as follows. Do not make any other
changes to your registry that I have not laid out here! I am not responsible!

(a) Change the "Version" value from "Windows 95" to "Windows 98",

Windows 98"]

(b) and change the "VersionNumber" from "4.00.1111" to "4.10.2222" (depending
on your release of Windows 95, your original 4.00.xxxx may vary from mine, I
have OSR 2.0 from August 1996)


6) These two changes to the registry will fool the Mozilla Firefox installer
into thinking it is installing on Windows 98, when in fact it is running on
Windows 95.

7) Now download the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 installer from's FTP.

8) Now install Mozilla Firefox. Select Custom Install, and unselect "DOM
Inspector" and "Quality Feedback Agent". These are unneeded tools and will
cause your computer to crash. I have figured this out from experience!

9) After Mozilla Firefox installs, you will be prompted to finish and
automatically run Firefox. Uncheck the box and click finish.

10) You're almost done! Now, go to Start > Find > Files or Folders, and do a
search for "nsSearchService.js" and nsSafebrowsingApplication.js". You need to
delete both of these files before Firefox will run properly! Firefox will appear
to load but is guaranteed to crash if you do not delete these two files before
running it! I have figured this out, also from experience!

After deleting these two files, run Firefox. You're all set to go.